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SeaWalls CHURCHILL was created with the intention to educate and inspire a community to protect the oceans, but what transpired was more powerful than that. It was the story of a devastated small town on the edge of the Arctic being reminded of their own value and worthiness in this world.


Plans to protect air and water, wilderness and wildlife are in fact plans to protect man. - STEWART UDALL

When we care for our oceans - we care for our future.

image © Tre Packard @abovebelowphoto

Coordinated and curated by

Kal Barteski in cooperation with PangeaSeed Foundation and SeaWalls: Artists for Oceans, this project is presented by Travel Manitoba and a large community of generous partners, talented artists, dedicated volunteers, the Town of Churchill, and several other kind, beautiful humans.

image © Tre Packard @abovebelowphoto

Nestled on the shore of the Hudson Bay, Churchill, Manitoba sits on the annual migration path of the world's largest land predator - the polar bear. Accessible only by air or rail, this resilient town boasts beauty and adventure. Polar bears, beluga whales, wolves, moose, migratory birds, and Northern lights can all be found in Churchill.

Recently devastated by two unseasonably severe blizzards, the spring thaw brought floods that would destroy the rail line and ignite a heated political storm leaving this small isolated community without the rail, without support and without hope.

Our oceans are facing increased challenges and the

sea side communities that depend on them are, too.

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